"Environmentally Conscious"



We began by encouraging customers to recycle at least 10 empties with us for a discount


We launched our first product in glass, Joy Oil, with an immediate refill option (in-store or mail back)


We released a glass option of Eden’s Elixir, alongside a refill pouch

We extended our recycling program out to community ambassadors, with the creation of Arami Earth Affiliates,

We launched another product in our glass dropper bottles, HLR Drops, with an immediate refill option (in-store or mail back)


Our community had long been asking for a jumbo sized version our best selling Glow Oil. So we brought out a 500ml bottle that is made of recycled plastic.

We released a glass option of Glow Oil, alongside a 1 litre refill pouch

Our first face moisturiser in specially designed refillable packaging

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Reusing  your empty containers

Before sending your Arami containers for recycling, try reusing them around your home or office in the following ways, or discover your own way to use these containers once they are empty.

Reuse jars as

  • Sewing kit
  • Daily affirmations jar
  • Mini First-Aid kit
  • Stationery holder
  • Mini plant pot

Reuse bottles as

  • Flower vase
  • Dish soap dispenser