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We are committed to sowing seeds of love and encouraging self care within our community. We believe everyone deserves the right to have a sound mind, a healthy body and a soul that is at peace.

Our areas of focus are: mental health care, medical care & the provision of critical basic needs.

August 2018

We formed a partnership with the Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls Organisation who address the needs of 65% of the Nigerian female population who do not have access to sanitary wear. Through this partnership we have committed to funding the provision of adequate sanitary wear for 25 girls every month. We believe sanitary wear should be readily available for all women at little or no cost, therefore through this initiative we hope to meet one of the essential needs of women.

January 2019

We collaborated with HelpMum, a non-profit organisation that provides health information and Clean Birth kits to pregnant women and newborns, especially in underprivileged communities, to ensure their health and safety. We will be funding 12 Clean Birth kits every month because we believe expectant mothers should have access to basic childbirth necessities. We are happy to be contributing to the safety and well being of women in our community, and to the effort in reducing infant mortality.

February 2020

We partnered with WARIF, a non-profit organisation that tackles the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria. We have committed to supporting the WARIF Centre because we believe all girls and women should be able to live in a safe and caring environment. At this centre, medical, legal and psychological services will be provided for survivors of gender-based violence and we are grateful for the opportunity to aid these efforts.

December 2022

We supported Sanitary Aid Initiative to reach 7,759 girls and women alike in Ajegunle (Lagos, Nigeria) helping them raise over N8million to support these individuals with over 11,000 pads. We are more than eager in doing more to end period poverty in Nigeria in the coming years.

December 2022

We have continued to assist Helpmum to eradicate infant and maternal mortality in Africa. In 2022, we partnered with Helpmum to visit 86 communities in Oyo State to distribute the Helpmum clean birth kit for free to pregnant women. Birth kits ensure that women, especially in rural and under-served communities, have access to clean, sterile delivery materials even in dire situations, reducing their chances of getting infected and developing sepsis. We are excited in supporting the vision of Helpmum to build innovations aimed at improving maternal and infant health care, especially vaccination outcomes, in Nigeria and across Africa.

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