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Treat Yourself: 4 Beauty Gifts You’ll Covet (& Should Definitely Buy For Yourself) This Valentine’s Day

“This cult favourite brand is loved by alte and super glam girls alike!”


#WhereYouShopMatters Campaign

“Born out of a desire to see Africa recognised as a destination for finished beauty products, Arami essentials is an invitation to indulge in a simple skincare routine designed to beautify your skin, clear your mind and lift your spirits. Founded in 2016 by Ore Runsewe, Arami Essentials is authentically made in Africa”


5 Bath Products That Will Elevate Your Bath-Time Routine

“Arami Essentials Glow Oil
You may want to bathe in this cold-pressed shea nut oil. So it’s a good thing it’s made for use on wet skin. This formula from Nigeria leaves the skin feeling luxuriously smooth. And don’t worry. The brand ships internationally”


Discover 14 Black-Owned Beauty Brands From Around the World

“Looking to support Black-owned businesses outside of the U.S.? These brands have got you covered with fragrances, cushion foundations, scrunchies, and more.”


Digitization, a catalyst to the exponential growth of African Small Businesses

“The year 2020 came with lots of hopes and expectations for individuals and businesses, interesting economic projections across most of the world’s thriving industries, a landscape of growth and meaningful insights for what seemed like the most productive year ahead, leading onto the end of yet another decade.”


How African Brands Are Leading the Sustainability Charge in the Beauty Industry

“Sustainable beauty is no new phenomenon in Africa. Before the era of topical retinoids, cysteamine, and serums, beauty in Africa was very much organic. The bark of trees, the roots of plants, their leaves, seeds, and essential oils were all used in varying amounts and through traditional methods, to create cosmetics such as soaps and lotions that were healthy for the skin.”


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