Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Coco Oil is wet-milled coconut oil from the local shores of Badagry. Coconut oil is a versatile beauty ingredient but it is important to note that coconut oil is comedogenic which means that it can block your pores making it not suitable for acne-prone skin. Thankfully there are different ways to use Coco Oil: For your hair – Coco Oil restores lustre to dry and damaged hair because it penetrates the strands easily for deep conditioning. If you’re struggling with frizzy hair, especially as a result of humidity, coconut oil can help tame your locks. Aside from its conditioning benefits, Coco Oil can also help minimise dandruff when applied to the scalp by lowering yeast levels. Excessive yeast on the scalp can lead to flaking, itching and inflammation.  To deep condition, warm a few spoons of Coco Oil and mindfully massage into your scalp. Cover hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour then wash hair as usual.  For your teeth – Bacteria buildup in the mouth can cause gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath and coconut oil contains lauric acid, a fatty acid which fights bacteria in the mouth. Coconut oil can also reduce plaque, giving your teeth a brighter, whiter appearance. Typically, coconut oil is used for teeth through a process known as oil pulling.  To do this, put a tablespoon of Coco Oil in your mouth, swish around for 15 – 20 minutes and spit out. Brush your teeth as usual afterwards.  For your lips – Coco Oil brings blessings to the lips too. It can be used to heal chapped lips and restore moisture to dry, dull lips. Our lips are sensitive to moisture loss and as we move about our days, we often forget to moisturise them. Even when we do, activities such as eating and drinking can dry out the lips once again.  To protect your lips, pour a drop of Coco Oil on your index finger and apply on the lips. Smack together and you’re good to go.  For your skin – Coco Oil contains linoleic acid which strengthens the skin’s barrier, keeping moisture locked into the skin and leaving irritants and toxins out. When combined with natural exfoliants such as brown sugar or sea salt, Coco Oil softens and smoothes the skin. Coco Oil can also be used to remove makeup naturally because it forms a milky emulsion on contact with water. To moisturise, pour a few drops onto your palms and gently massage into damp skin.  To remove makeup, use clean, dry hands and massage Coco Oil onto your face in circular motions for 30 seconds then wet your fingers and continue to massage for another 30 seconds before rinsing off with warm water.

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